Learn from Fellow Animators

There are plenty of animators who are willing to share an incredible amount of information.  I do not intend to regurgitate any of their tutorials "in order to get more views".  Feel free to contact me to suggest other videos of inspiration. 🐥

This selection is currently growing, so plenty more yet to come!

Nick Hilligoss

Seriously, one of the most open animators about how to create stop-motion animations.  

Don Carlson – Prammaven

Don and I have been in contact since 2008, and he's been a motivating force for me to try a lot of new things.  I hope to share more of his online tutorials in the future, but here's the first one, on rotoscoping, for now: Lip Syncing on

And while these aren't tutorials, behind the scenes looks at how professionals work can be just as inspirational.