Mixing Custom Colors

In the past I have always needed a little bit of this color or that, but I always wound up making too much because I didn't know the exact amount of each color to obtain the shade I wanted.  So to end my strife – and hopefully yours – I spent the better part of a weekend measuring out ratios of Van Aken Plasticine and documenting it.

Here's a short video on how to mix colors in bulk.  I recommend multiple pots if mixing more than six pounds at once.

The color behind the text is the stock Van Aken Plasticine color being tinted.  Each tint is approximately what you will get – as many people don't have perfectly calibrated screens.  Do keep in mind that the colors on screen will appear brighter than than in person – the difference between reflected light, clay, and projected light, your screen.

More palettes to come as I think of them,