Getting the best deal on clay

30% off all clays at Hobby Lobby is a terrific way to stock up, but they generally don't have much on hand for large projects.  However, If you're willing to wait, I learned you can place a raincheck at Hobby Lobby and have them ship in bulk amounts if you ask for it.  They won't deliver to your home, so you have to pick it up at the store. The advantage is if there is a sale on clay, they will give you the discounted price as long as you place the order during the sale.  The only drawback is that it will take around a week to ship to the store.

Buying in bulk online from Dick Blick is your best option if you have to rush to get a shipment of clay.  If you get 4 1/2 pound bricks, you have to buy 4 bricks of one color to get the bulk discount, which drops the price from $13.07 at Dick Blick ($13.99 regular price at Hobby Lobby) down to $11.76.  That's the everyday bulk price.  If you buy over $100 dollars of merchandise, your order comes with free shipping.  Personally, I've found it worth paying the $4 or $5 more for expedited shipping.  I had a recent order of 109 pounds that cost only $5 for shipping.

The Rundown

1lb @ Dick Blick
Normal Price - $3.29
Bulk Price ----- $2.96

4.5lbs @ Dick Blick
Normal Price - $13.07
Bulk Price ----- $11.76

1lb @ Hobby Lobby
Normal Price - $3.57
Sale Price ----- $2.50

4.5lbs @ Hobby Lobby
Normal Price - $13.99
Sale Price ----- $9.79

TL;DR – it's cheaper if you can wait to get it at Hobby Lobby during a sale, but if you don't have the luxury of time and there is no sale, order online.

Up to 200+ lbs ... Of plasticine

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