Make a custom wood floor for animation

I recently made a pseudo-wooden floor for my in-studio shots.  It was cut out of a scrap 2x4' board, so it's a bit of an odd size, but you can easily modify the files.  Finished piece is approximately 20x34" for the smaller scale floor and slightly smaller for the larger scale floor – this being so I could easily put the design on the back side of the same piece.

Works well for animation, illustration, and stock photography too :)

Shoot me photos of what you came up with @clayalchemist on Instagram and Clay Alchemist on Facebook.

These files were created by myself, I'm charging nothing, so be kind and don't charge for usage either.

Mini American Flag Lapel Pin

For both plasticine and polymer clay

I was tempted to hunt down 1/4" flag lapel pins for dolls online for my Ben Carson teddy bear sculpture, but was reminded of a technique I saw on the Food Network.  Turns out to be fast and easy.

A quick word of advice – make the outer layers a little thinner than the rest.  I always find that if I make them the same thickness, they don't seem to get compacted equally and wind up fatter.  So either you can trim them when you are done pressing them together or start off with a thinner piece.