Another step in the right direction

For those wondering where I've been lately, my friend Jennifer and I have been working on looms exclusively these past few months.  There hasn't been much time to sculpt, but I have been able to come up with some fun ideas for my next big project.  While not being able to sit down and sculpt may seem like a bummer, it's also a mark of success that we are beginning to sell a decent amount of our looms.  It's just one step closer to being independent of a day job and being able to spend more time doing things that I'm excited about.  

Additionally, I've been learning more and more at Grand Rapids Makers, the local makerspace that I've grown attached to.  I'm discovering new ways of incorporating laser cut designs into my work, and this past week I learned how to solder.  Soon I'll be incorporating welding into my armatures, but that is probably a little further off.

Stay tuned.