Getting back into the swing of things

Happy Slotherday!

If this blog is a representation of my work, you'd think I was on vacation; it couldn't be further from the truth.  Outside of the clay world, I've been occasionally getting freelance commercial photography work.  While some would think that's not up my alley, it's proven to be incredibly helpful coming up with lighting solutions for my sculptures on location.  It also opened up my eyes to world of strobe lighting – which I invested in weeks later.

There's been a lot of learning and cleaning and reorganizing.  I'm going through some of my old drawings for sculptures and revisiting some of my older characters.

This past week I came across a sloth, and I can't believe I didn't even try to make it back in 2013 when I came up with the character.

Oh, and I am revisiting the "Dam Construction Crew" from 2012.  I'm thinking it would be a ton of fun to make a HUGE print of a trio of beavers for ArtPrize 2016.  I've always loved beavers, but I didn't have the skills to make a full-size character nor the supplies.  So yesterday I ordered another 50 pounds of brown clay and the rest of the Van Aken plasticine colors so the Plasticine Color Guide could be complete.