2016 Candidates: Hillary and Jeb

For Hillary:

Key light in mini softbox, ungelled.  Bare speedlight with green gel from below.  Bare speedlight with light cyan tint from above.  

50mm; 0.6 sec;   f/16;   ISO 200

The long exposure was to expose for the laptop in the background.

Lighting setup of Hillary Clinton sculpture for the illustration.

For Jeb: 

Amidst the mess of the basement.

Key light in mini softbox ungelled.  Bare speedlight up high with red gel.  Bare speedlight with burnt orange filter for fill light on right side.

Required two exposures.  One with the "Please Clap" sign in back.  The light didn't cast enough red onto Jeb's head, so I came in closer with a bare red speedlight.

50mm; 1/200 sec;   f/8;   ISO 50