claylist – progress report

So you haven't been able to see most of what I have been working on the past week.  Getting the video animation of the website run-through has been tedious, but I can rest knowing that it now works.  Part of the process involved creating as big of a photograph without turning it into a slideshow.  

I can read the text from over ten feet away. Mission accomplished. #claylist

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I'm really happy with the branding as well.  It was inspired by the facebook logo for sure.  I just wanted something simple and eye catching on a printout as well as on a screen (as we all eventually are shocked by how dull prints come out on business cards).

I'm going to make individual cards for each character since it won't cost me any more to change up the design. As I've done in the past, I'll just run to the office supply store, print off a hundred thick pages of 8.5x11's and cut them up at home.  It's about 2¢ per card – that is about 1/10 the amount that it would cost to print it through even the cheapest places.  And let's be honest, people are going to throw them out after checking out the website or voting.

So, yeah, it's been a less publicly visual week, but a productive one nonetheless.

Stay tuned...