claylist will be at DeVos Performance Place for ArtPrize!

I now don't have to worry about hunting down a place to host my work. Really glad to be back at DeVos Place! #ArtPrize #claylist

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This will be my second time at DeVos Performance Place, and I am so glad that I got in at a high traffic venue.  I can't wait to show my work to thousands of people.

Last year, I recognized early on that it was important to have a finished product for venues to see in order to accept my work.  I was terrified the first couple of months before ArtPrize because I knew my project was going to be the most expensive and largest scale feat that I have attempted for any creation.  

So when opening day for artist registration arrived, I knew I was behind.  Regardless, I started pitching my art to a couple venues since most wanted to see finished products (so that ruled out most).  Despite all that, my venue of choice, DeVos Place Convention Center, agreed to host!

Today, I signed the venue agreement and purchased my third and final iMac computer for the installation.  

It still has a long way to go as I have 10 sculptures completed and 50 to go.  Honestly though, I'm not worried.  Given the amount of time I have, I could get 70 or 80 sculptures if I have a good pace.

So, you can look forward to seeing me back at DeVos again this year.  I'll actually have time to stick around and discuss my piece which should be a lot of fun.  

Can you say full size pig sculpture?