claylist - preparing for the long haul

I've been struggling with a desk that is too short and getting too worn down.  About five year ago when I made it, I had a different use for it, and since then, have tried different armature setups.  There's holes all over it, cracks in the plexiglas from heating and cooling hundreds of times, and it was just time to start over.

I took the day and created a new, sturdier desk that is about four inches taller than the previous one.  I want to be able to lower my chair and be eye level or below the sculptures that I am working on.  My neck has suffered for far too long.

Much, much more sturdy than any of the other desks. Won't have to go easy on this one at all.

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As you can see, the new desk is significantly higher. This will save my neck over the next few months and years. #claylist

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