Back to NYC

Tomorrow, I leave for New York City for a journalism convention in Times Square for a few days.  Unlike the first time that I went to New Yo'k, I have some traveling experience and strategies for making the most out of my time.  I really want to open myself up to as many possibilities as I can, and to make connections.  

While I was there on vacation, I couldn't take a moment to really take anything in.  In the coming days, I want to publish a few photos every day and have a meaningful story to tell – that is in addition to learning a heck of a lot at each learning session.

Keep an eye out for updates here and on Instagram.

No clay for this trip.  I couldn't figure out a good way to design a character that wouldn't get ruined in the airport AND not have sharp armatures on the inside.  Beside, I really doubt that I will have much free time to walk about with a sculpture.