One last illustration for the paper

Since joining the Collegiate, I have had the chance to photograph at plenty of events and meet a lot of people I would not have had I not joined.  Still, seeing one of my illustrations on a page is so much more satisfying to me.

I'm still an introvert.  I still prefer keeping to myself when I'm not working, but I'm a lot faster due to the assignments I've covered.

And let's be honest, art students are atrocious for taking days and weeks to do something that could be done in an afternoon if they just cleared their schedule and focused their efforts.  For the entire month of January 2012, I sculpted, photographed, and publicized an illustration daily.  My first sculpture of the project was titled Barely Thinking.  It took me almost six hours to sculpt and another two to three hours to photograph and publicize.

I find it hilarious that my latest creation is deep in thought as well.  It took only a little longer than three hours from beginning to end – almost five hours faster and light years better in quality.

To keep this post short, I just wanted to encourage everyone interested in creating art.  It feels like it takes forever in the beginning.  For years, you're probably not going to be great at it, cut and bruise your fingers, get stressed, and feel unmotivated – but know that every creation is a step forward. Every time you sit down, your brain has more experience to play off of.  

Stop wondering if you could be great at something some day.  I don't think my work is great by any measure, but I've grown so much in the past few years (especially these past few months) that I know my work is commerically viable.  That's only possible from years of experience and a lot of patience thanks to God.

Thoughtful creatures. Barely Thinking [Jan 12] and Thinkin' Chicken [Mar 15]. #illustration #sculpture

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