Down the road without a truck

Despite spending time and money on the old truck, I was unable to transition into being comfortable behind the wheel – literally.  The last two months of driving, I experienced so much pain in my accelerator foot that I went to the doctor and he confirmed that I had tendonitis that was pressing against a nerve in my foot.  I told him I was planning on selling the truck because of how bad the pain was, and he actually agreed.  In short, I shouldn't be driving a car without cruise control.

I spent another month trying to sell it.  I lamented driving it daily to make sure that nothing went bad due to sitting out front in the bitter cold.  Nothing was happening.

After I came home from church one day, I had a faith-based decision to trust God – whatever I made above $1000 was going in the offering plate.  That's what I promised.

The very same day, I was contacted by the future buyer. 

I regret nothing.  God's really helped me with the pain lately, and I've been biking (even in a -29º windchill).  There's still a lot that needs to change to help me get my life in order.  I really need to finish college up quickly.  It's gotten to the point that I'm only stressed while at college, but thank goodness I have a job at the school newspaper.  It has stress in a whole different way, but I get a kick out of it.  I just feel so limited whenever I do anything else in other classes though, so I'm just praying that I make it through the rest of the semester and short summer semester...