Not having some big project to work on after work has been destabilizing.  Every day I feel like there is something that I should be something bigger than I am supposed to be working on.  I've been rethinking my workshop.

The very first day after ArtPrize, I disassembled the Big Pig, took apart my desks and moved them into the spare room, and started melting down the clay.  Just in the Big Pig alone was 80 pounds of flesh-colored plasticine.  Disassembling everything, I came to realize that I have close to 4 or 500 pounds of plasticine ready for my next project.

So, everything was disassembled and moved out of the way, and my dad went to work on painting the entire basement.  It was a dreadfully long week.  I literally couldn't work on any plasticine projects.  

Within an hour of my dad wrapping up the painting in the clay room, I was moving desks back and repurposing them.  Now was my chance to figure out a new way to doing things.  I made the height of all the desks even so I can now move from surface to surface and they are all able to be repositioned and placed side by side if I need an extra long or wide table.  Additionally, I made shelfs that fit under the desk and allows me to store all of my clay without the need of more space for shelves elsewhere.

Finally! The workshop was back in business.

And then I decided to start my tutorial series.  I spent a little over a week planning and filming sculpture and animation tutorials for the launch of ClayTips.

So now what?

I really want to start working on weekly sculpture tutorials.  I hope to make videos for kids that will inspire them to work with their hands and learn techniques.  The kinds of videos I want to make are the kinds of videos that I wish folks had made back when I was a little kid...

So, off to make something happen.