Teaming up with Hospice of Michigan

A small group from the Collegiate staff and I have spent the last couple months slowly working on a project about the people working at Hospice of Michigan and the people in their care.  While documenting the people and shooting a few short clips, I was able to remain pretty calm and unaffected.

It wasn't until I sat down at the computer and worked with the photographs and began compiling a video tying together my experience that I was truly moved and began crying.

And I teared up every time that I had to watch the video while editing.

I couldn't believe how much this project impacted me; I grew so much more sensitive and expressive with others.  It's quite hard for me to go a day without thinking about the project and the pain that some people are in.  But in that pain, I witnessed happiness, I witnessed love, and I witnessed hope.  

I am so thankful for this project, that God lead me here, introduced me to these people, and used me to do something meaningful.  When we showed the photographs to Robert's daughter, who immediately burst into tears of joy and pain, I realized just how important this project was.  I am incredibly privileged to have been a part of this.

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