End of Summer

Summer break is quickly wrapping up for me.  I've been busy focusing on the claymation that I have been making for the Back to School edition of the Collegiate.  In total, I've spent over two months working on this project.  I've invested in a TON of new equipment as I realized that I need to be ready for the next step after college.  Initially, I thought I would be taking classes in the fall for video production, but after I started working with the Collegiate, I realized that I already have the motivation to learn the software on my own, and I wound up teaching myself in  matter of a few days.

It's so much more important to focus on creating work that people are going to see.  I sometimes worry about students who do all this work in art school, and don't even have a basic portfolio website up and running.  In addition, a lot of them are worried about student loans, yet they still don't have equipment that they need to work in their field of interest.  

Who do you know when you graduate?  Do you have connections to people that can help you find work?  This summer has been all about that.  It's been about uncomfortable growth. 

I used to have a fear of what happens next after college.  Honestly, I know God's put more than enough on my plate to survive off of.  I know that the experiences I'm going through right now are getting me ready for that.  I'm ready – let's go!

Things to look forward from me in the coming week.  I have three different claymation tutorials written up about lighting and armatures.  I hope to finish the GRCC parking garage animation by Wednesday or Thursday; we only need to re-record the audio.  Once that is all done, I am going to create a fourth animation tutorial video on how to use Final Cut Pro X for animation.  I'm not sure if I mentioned this, but that software is so incredibly well done, that I was able to figure it out in three days.  If you know Photoshop and iMovie, you can work Final Cut Pro X.