Behind the Shot: At the UICA

As I was admiring this piece at the 2014 Festival Artist Reception at the UICA, I kept seeing people walking around it.  I found it rather peculiar how you could see what they were wearing, and the way that people would stop and gaze at it for a moment and move around to the other side.  I had this picture in my head and I knew that I had to find "the right one".  I'm sure that my friend, Dann, can vouch for me on this, that I stood there waiting for several minutes.  My patience had been tried as a few other ladies in dresses stood in front of the work, but other people in shorts and pants kept ruining the shot.  Out of desperation, I even asked one of the ladies to stand in for me, but to both of our dismay, folks kept filing past.  I thanked her, but still didn't have the shot.

Now I'm not sure if it was just in my head, but it felt like I was wasting a lot of time waiting for one shot.  It probably wasn't more than 20 minutes, but I thought about what Tom Wagner said at TEDx about this one press photographer that would wait until the very last moment if necessary to take a picture – he didn't muck about, taking pictures of things that didn't interest him.  So in the same spirit, I refused to leave without getting the shot, and I'm glad I waited.

I will disclose that I removed the base of the table on the right – at least for my blog post, I don't want it in there.