Way to Stay Busy

The next two weeks are going to be hellish.  Although the semester is over, I've found myself dropping Benjamins to get frames for the pictures I'm submitting to Festival of the Arts next week.  I'm sticking with my initial pledge that I would get my work out there this Summer.  As much as I have hated the madness of all the crowds in Grand Rapids during ArtPrize and all the art festivals, it's one of the few ways I'm going to run into some awesome people.

Speaking of awesome people, I'm going to be working with a group of photographers covering the TEDxGrandRapids event coming up next week as well!  Time photographer, Tom Wagner, is going to be leading the team.  While the event is happening on Wednesday next week, we're going to be getting all the technical details down and setting up lights on Sunday and Tuesday.  

Best part of all, I'm back to class in a little over a week.  No need for a break.