Grand Rapids Gallery Guide Cover

Sometimes I find myself thinking that if I shoot like someone else that I will make better work; today was a perfect example of that thought being false.  My PO-230 class's latest assignment was to make a cover photo to submit for the GR Gallery Guide this year.  I came up with a few ideas that were really "different" and more graphical, but they were not  photographs that had my fingerprints.

Occasionally stepping out of the comfort zone is a great thing, but this was trying to make work someone else's picture. While I know that the picture wasn't copying anyone else's, it wasn't my style, and I wasn't passionate about the picture.

So to redeem myself, I sculpted a new character on Sunday, and walked to the Grand Rapids Art Museum, only to find out that it was closed.  Luckily, the sun was just barely poking through the architecture of the building, and I took the shot that I submitted.  If they choose one of mine, I hope it's this one.  I would honestly have been disappointed if I didn't submit a photograph that clearly had my fingerprints on it (literally, too, since it's a sculpture).

Mr. Tuttle visits the Grand Rapids Art Museum

Update April 13, 2014.  

While the judges didn't choose this photo, they really liked my other shot, and have given me a couple weeks to give them a revised shot.