Starting Over After 5 Years

I've been afraid to leave Tumblr for the past two years.  I kept telling myself that numbers don't matter: I'm not getting feedback from my followers, and the platform is just overrun with garbage (to be blunt).  I want to focus on creating, not trying to do what everyone else is doing.  It just seems that I was doing things that I wasn't passionate about because I wanted to satisfy my "followers", all 101,000 of them.  

Tell me, what did those 101,000 followers do for me?  I feel that at first, the numbers boosted my ego – far beyond what it should have been.  Looking back at my work, I am unsatisfied with most of my work, as most artists feel when reflecting.  Regardless, it got me here.  

What made me grow: stepping out of my comfort zone; breaking the rules; focusing on lighting.  I got so consumed with making sculptures that I forgot some of the most basic things of photography.  Looking at my recent work from Colorado, it was so sloppy.  I wasn't trying.  This most recent project, "I'm not myself", focuses solely on lighting and creating a story within one frame.  If I can do it large scale, I can make better work small scale in the future. 

This is no longer, this is  I am not just a sculptor or an illustrator or a photographer.  I want this blog to cover everything that helps me grow as a human being, as an artist, and as a Christian.  

I no longer want to treat my work as a hobby – this is my career.  Success does not come to those who do not believe in themselves.  I've been working hard since 2006 on making a name for myself; now is the time to push myself even more.

Anyways, this post is already too long, but let me assure you that I will be focusing on clay work this summer.  It will be more spread out as I will be taking Spanish classes, but I am certain that we will see at least ten good sculpture illustrations between May and September!