Making the cover of Gallery Guide

Evidently, I made the cover of the Grand Rapids Gallery Guide this year.  Last semester, all the students in Professor Filippo Tagliati's class submitted a cover for the Gallery Guide.  The selection was narrowed down to Julia Kessler's and my work.  

I was a bit disappointed when I learned that the association chose my least favorite of the three photos I submitted.  To be completely honest, it was a filler photo for the assignment.  In addition to choosing my least favorite, they weren't 100% onboard with the either of our designs, so we both were paid to go out and create similar works.  

Once I finished, I waited and waited to hear whose work they had chosen.  I kept asking Filippo if he had hear the final results, but to my dismay, months later they still hadn't announced it.  

This past week, I bumped into Filippo in the Paul Collins Art Gallery, and he told me I had made it on the cover – after I had completely forgotten about it altogether.  It was a pleasant surprise to end my school week.

The photograph is a composite of the Grand Rapids Art Museum, Kendall Art Gallery, the Grand River, and an inverted mask of myself from a photo.