Another step in the right direction

For those wondering where I've been lately, my friend Jennifer and I have been working on looms exclusively these past few months.  There hasn't been much time to sculpt, but I have been able to come up with some fun ideas for my next big project.  While not being able to sit down and sculpt may seem like a bummer, it's also a mark of success that we are beginning to sell a decent amount of our looms.  It's just one step closer to being independent of a day job and being able to spend more time doing things that I'm excited about.  

Additionally, I've been learning more and more at Grand Rapids Makers, the local makerspace that I've grown attached to.  I'm discovering new ways of incorporating laser cut designs into my work, and this past week I learned how to solder.  Soon I'll be incorporating welding into my armatures, but that is probably a little further off.

Stay tuned.

Trying new things

What I initially planned to be a simple project has morphed into a journey of learning completely new techniques that I wasn't planning on ever touching.  In the past few weeks, I've joined the GR Makers group and have been experimenting with the laser cutting machine.  I'm going to use it to burn the designs onto the floor for hardwood floors in my little PO Box as well as make the designs on the walls

My initial plan was to use photographs on the walls to convey space, but I now feel it would cheapen the effect.  

Oh, and I used the laser cutter to make a boat 

More mini glasses. #sculpture #illustration #grandrapids #michigan

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Getting close

I realized today why it is that I've been shooting with the 24mm only for the past week - all my characters have been incredibly small.  When you're shooting a small subject up close and need more in focus, there's only so much that stopping down the aperture can do.  Sometime you just need a wider angle to get deeper depth of field.

This Sigma 24mm Art lens has been a blast to work with.  I was at first put off by the weight of it but have overcome that in recent weeks.

I plan to continue making simple sculptures this week.  The goal is to focus more on creating work I enjoy and concepts rather than ridiculously intricate shots.

Terrorizing the eggs with my camera. #GetCloser #sculpture #illustration #humor #egg #grandrapids #michigan

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A solid week

It's so far been about a week and I've finished three illustrations from beginning to end.  My favorite so far being "Skinny Dipping".  Truth be known, there's a funny backstory to this.  My dad had the strange desire to whip up Coco Wheats with peanut butter and honey, and I'm talking about a few tablespoons of peanut butter and honey.  Every time he did this, it stunk up the house.  The strangest part still was how he would take a banana and scoop out the Coco Wheats with it.  Anyways, that was the inspiration for this photograph.

Outta Funk

There are times of great progress and times of great plateaus.  I'm currently walking atop a creative plateau.  In the past, I've tried new things, and that has always spurred massive amount of work.  I'm in the midst of trying to figure out what interests me.  

Last week, I worked on "Fly Beats on the Street", which was a totally different feel than I am used to.  I feel it was a primer for going in a completely different direction – a creative palate cleanser.

I'm shifting gears from looking out to looking in.  Honestly, the past year has been full of so much that I wasn't able to process.  I think it's time to stop and reflect.  So, if you're used to my work of the past, get ready for a completely different vibe.