Patient Pickles

I managed to make even pickles a bit creepy this last project. Oh, and it took about a full day to get the clay out of my teeth.

An Acceptable Sacrifice

These guys sat on my desk for a couple months before I took them out into the field to photograph them. I didn’t know what was the best way to portray the scene, but ultimately I went for minimal background distraction.

Finished photographing the zero-G mice.

Man, I’ve been struggling with massive headaches this past week. The weather is rough on me this time of year. Barometric changes and the sunlight off the snow is brutal. I actually worked in 5 minute increments as looking down felt like getting punched in the eyes. Doesn’t help I need new glasses.

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 7.42.49 PM.png

Just sent a check to Van Aken for 1000 lbs of plasticine.

I think the fumes from melting 550 lbs clouded my judgement.

No, just kidding. I want to have enough plasticine on hand to create large scale characters. When you only have 100 lbs of one color, that means there is generally enough to create one head and shoulders and part of another character. I want to be able to have group shots.

I additionally want to have a stockpile that will age to allow the clay to be better conditioned. When I add wax to the clay, it’s not usually until the next year that it is spot on. Surprisingly, this stuff gets better with age.